Flat roof access ladder and hatch box solutions… There are many important factors to take into consideration when choosing a flat roof access ladder and hatch. While they provide great convenience to building personnel, unattended roof hatches left in the open position can be dangerous. The steps are also designed to be slip resistant and can accommodate any undulations in roof levels. Copyright The end result will be an outstanding set of external roof access … Roof access steps are available in Galvanised Steel, Aluminium, GRP and Stainless Steel as well as powder coated. Set top handrail on top brackets and attach with 1” bolt and 1/2” spring nut. Roofing Walkway Systems Prevent potential falls through fragile roof zones with specialist Roofing Walkways designed for personnel Working at Height. The hierarchy order of roof access is set out in Section 2 of the Standard AS1657:2018 – Means of Access, and is as follows: Stairs; Step type ladder; Angled ladder; Vertical; Within this there is also a range of designs and types depending upon the location, environment, height and angle. Free NEXT-DAY delivery most of UK mainland. O’Keeffe’s offers custom designs for your fixed roof access ladder. These access gantry systems can be configured in a variety of heights, widths and orientations to cover most applications. Available in High Wind and Seismic Applications. All walkway systems are installed directly on the roof without penetrating the roof surface. Sayfa ladders, include brand names; Katt, ALTO, Kombi Stairs & Platforms. Our Project Managers are here to explain step by step our processes and answer any of your questions. We look forward to hearing from you! Step-overs are designed to provide a safe means of access up and over obstructions on the roof. You will be provided with a dedicated Project Manager who will oversee and manage your job from start to finish. Suitable for multiple users per system, roof access steps and platforms are great if you need multiple workers on the roof at the same time. They are present on most nonresidential buildings. If you are looking for a roof access platform, we can help you with your journey from your initial research phase to find the best product, to the installation and maintenance of your roof access platform. Roof hatches, known sometimes as roof scuttles, are designed to allow workers safe access to roof areas for HVAC equipment maintenance, roof renovations, etc. Stairs terminating at the level of a setback shall provide access to the setback roof areas, except where the setback is less than 4 feet (1219 mm) in width and 10 feet (3048 mm) in … For example, will the roof space be regularly used, such as with a terrace or roof garden? BILCO Stepover Ladders provide the perfect solution where access is required over ducting, parapet walls, conduit or any other obstruction on the roof area. Ladders are available in handrail-only configurations or with different types of return structures at the top. Roof access platforms, such as roof access steps provide flexible, safe access over a range of widths and heights while keeping the operative safe and always enclosed within a handrail. These make working on the roof simple and safe whilst also differing from extension ladders in a couple of ways. Layout isolation pads according to footprint of stairs. These access gantry systems can be configured in a variety of heights, widths and orientations to cover most applications. Compliant with Work at Height Regulations and where applicable BS 5395-3: 1985 Essential Height Safety’s fixed ladder systems and steps are designed to provide safe and easy access to all rooftops. Should regular access be required to plant, over parapet walls or between changes in height, a step unit is a flexible, safe and practical solution. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); You can also call us on 0330 113 0870 or email info@altussafety.co.uk. Once this important detail has been established, the Building Regulations will dictate how the rooflight should be approached and what safety features will be necessary. Roof Access and Fixed Access Ladders Create a safe means of access to your roof space with specialist access systems designed for personnel Working at Height. Type S Roof Hatch-Ladder Access . Alaco Ladder Extension Safety Posts. About O’Keeffe’s Inc. Firstly they are fitted with a hook to securely hold the ladder in place so rest assure they’ll be no sliding about and secondly, probably more importantly they also include some very clever bearer bars to spread the weight across ensuring no damage to the tiles or slates. These options all ensure that the roof access platforms are weather resistant and over time, ensure that they are rust-resistant. Set top handrail on top brackets and attach with 1” bolt and 1/2” spring nut. Cat Ladders or Roof Crawlers or Roofing Access Ladders - whatever you call them, we've got the lot! Whether you need to navigate pipes, conduits or other roof-based equipment, these roof access platforms can ensure the safety of workers whilst simultaneously allowing them to move around the roof. Non-marking rubber feet secure the bottom of the ladder, with protective rubber plugs on top. Mini step-overs A wide range of roof ladders, cat ladders, specialist roof access systems, conservatory ladders and roof accessories including single section, double section and extension pieces from manufacturers Lyte, Werner and Bratts Ladders. Extension posts provide safer, easier access through roof access hatches. The roof access hatch has an unique insulation value of U = 0.21 W/m2K and is TÜV certified. Our roof access systems are supplied by Compliant Access and are all made from aluminium. Our Step Over Access Platforms are suitable for … Here at Altus Safety, our friendly safety at height experts are more than happy to help you with any enquiries you may have. Roof Access WA provides aluminium ladders for roof access on commercial buildings throughout Perth and regional Western Australia. [CDATA[ Choose from our selection of roof access ladders, including wall-mount ladders, top-mount ladders, and more. Type S roof hatches, 36" x 30" (914mm x 762mm), provide convenient, reliable access to roof areas by means of a fixed interior ladder. We’ve all had to load and unload roof racks at times and it can be a tricky operation. These must be inspected by a suitable ‘working at height’ specialist company a minimum of every 12 months. Our Kee Walk step up platforms are designed to provide a safe means of access up and over obstructions on the roof or any other area. Steps or ramps (or platforms with steps, ramps or ladders) shall be provided that are constructed of noncombustible material, equipped with railings, and designed to allow any conduit or piping installations that exceed 1 foot (305 mm) in height above the roof surface, or more than 24 inches (610 mm) in width, to be readily traversed. Alloy Roof Ladders - our customers are always saying these are the best roof ladders around - and you will agree. They offer users ultimate safety when working at height. Custom Access Ladders. Alternatively, if this is unachievable we can fix to most roofs using various fixings. Step over units and roof access systems comply with the following standards: BS 5395‐3:1985 Testing/Inspection standards and frequency: The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (P.U.W.E.R) 1998 – minimum of every 12 months by a working at height specialist company. The roof hatch with retractable ladder acts as an access point to a flat roof, for instance for inspection and maintenance. These roof access systems are commonly installed in the following sectors: You can fill in our contact form or contact us direct on, Free Standing Handrail & Guardrail Systems, Collapsible Handrails & Collapsible Guardrail Systems, Altus Safety, Oaktree Court Business Centre, Mill Lane, Ness, Neston, Cheshire, CH64 8TP.