Email marketing technology is used by 82% of companies, according to a report by marketing research firm Ascend2. Try sending it to people with various types of devices and email providers to be as thorough as possible. Coronavirus: Biological Warfare – Truth Revealed Shah G! Creating interactive email experiences. That’s not to say you should use the same template for every send. Footers are also an opportunity to include an unsubscribe link in an easy-to-find spot so recipients can easily update their communication preferences. This leads to emails specifically tailored to the subscriber which will lead to higher engagement. if you need to fix Outlook rendering Times New Roman on those elements too. Microsoft Outlook = Times New Roman. However, it is not possible to discuss Active Directory without discussing DNS. For example, one of. font-weight: inherit !important; To see how your emails look before you send them, try using the Email Testing feature in Marketing Campaigns. Since email providers may present your emails differently than you designed, it’s important to know what the delivered version of your email looks like before you press send. Make sure your email subject line is interesting to catch the subscriber’s eyeballs. Yet most of those emails are never opened or read.