4R70W-LB1 Unique Forward & Reverse Boost Assembly Pressure Regulator Spring Line rise control in the AODE/4R70W is different than in most units. 4R70W (1995) is a modified version of AODE, which was used until 2006. Is the fluid return line the top or bottom line? Line pressure is the pressure inside the valve body in whatever fluid passages are being used to apply clutches and bands. Line Pressure Booster Kit 4R70W-LB1. Backfill the trans, and overflow? Forward pressure is controlled by EPC oil reacting directly on the spring end of the PR valve. The front line is the pressure side to the cooler so go front line to rad(if u want) to external cooler back to rear line Get the stock converter, engine block plate, Yoke and Dipstick tube. As you can see from the case design, the AOD has two servos and bands with an accumulator at the rear. 1999 Ford F-150 V8 330 5.4L; 4R70W Trans. SO question is, what happens with NO restrictions? The following charts provide the mainline pressure readings for all of the various TCI® transmission models. Ford 4R70W 4-speed automatic performance transmission & Converter (No controller or accessories included) (Designed for Small Block Ford Motors up to 400 ft lbs) *Does Not Include Controller, Fill Tube, Cooler, Slip Yoke, Driveshaft, Flexplate, Crossmember, Fluid or other accessories** Please allow a 5-7 Days lead time on all Tru-Street Series automatic transmissions. Remove the fluid cooler tubes, as necessary. I'm proud to say I'm a 2nd generation transmission re-builder and transmission tech. The valve frequently wears on the boost spool diameter and allows EPC (electronic pressure control) oil to leak to exhaust. water cooler: FORD: Transmission: Location: 3N71B (Jatco) Rear 4EAT (Probe) Line Nearest Pump 4F20E: Rear 4F27E: End Cover 4R44E/55E, 5R44E/55E Upper: 5R55N/W Top: 6F35/45 Top: 6F50/55 Farthest from Valve : Body 6R140: Top 6R60/80: Top A4LD: Top AOD (FIOD, AOT) Bottom AODE, 4R70W: Top ATX: Line Nearest Pump AWTF81SC/AF21‐B: Top AXOD: Bottom AXODE (AX4N, AX4S) Bottom … This 1991-95 AODE/4R70W transmission reconditioning kit includes the following Sonnax parts and addresses these problems: • Pressure regulator valve (76948-01) to cure Low line pressure, poor line rise. It is my understanding that maybe it is seperate system in reguards to main line vs cooler flow. Remove the fluid cooler tubes, as necessary. How to Remove the 4R70W Transmission from Your F150. Posted by Regis on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 The 4R70W is a four-speed automatic transmission produced by the Ford Motor … (coming from the radiator) I am pretty sure it is the bottom one but I just want to confirm this before I finish my trans cooler install. ENGINE Removal (Expedition & F150 Pickup) 1. When the engine is running, your transmission’s hydraulic system is alive with line pressure. SKU: TD-4r70w Master Kit Categories: 3 Speed Automatic , AOD 4 speed Automatic Engine/ Powertrain , AOD Automatic , Ford Bronco Engine Swap , Ford Bronco EZ Bolt ons , Ford Bronco Install Solutions , Top Picks Tags: 4 speed auto ford , AOD , C4 to AOD Swap , Mustang aod swap Highlight: Redesigned anodized valve stops leaks and has annular grooves Using the special tool, disconnect the fluid cooler tubes from the fluid cooler. This can result in harsh or soft shifts and band/clutch failure as well as other driveability concerns. Because … The original transmission cooler line fails when rust forms between the rubber hose and the metal tube because of the standard spring clamp. This is the AOD passenger’s side with dipstick tube access, cooler line connections, and pressure ports. The 4R75W has two sensors on the driver’s side of the transmission case. Installation. Materials Needed. The gearset design is based on the Ford "X" automatic transmissions used during the 1950s, '60s, and '70s. Mar 15, 2016 - Internal hard wiring harness fits Ford 4R70W 4R75W Transmission 1998-2007 cars and trucks. As far as installs, the cooler is simple. This Dorman OE FIX line uses a crimped connection that's 8x stronger than original to prevent corrosion. A common complaint in vehicles with an AOD-E/4R7OW transmissions is low line pressure or throttle sensitive buzz, especially when hot. Automatic Transmission Cooler Line. The 4R70W holds 14 qts, so pump until at least 14 qts has been added. The AOD (automatic overdrive) is a four-speed automatic transmission, with the 4th gear as overdrive.Introduced in 1980, it was Ford's first four-speed automatic overdrive transmission. Replaces '95-Earlier 4-spool valves only. It's cooler flow is however not as hindered as these other models. 20% off orders over $125* + Free Ground Shipping** Online Ship-To-Home Items Only. Helps cure: Poor shift quality; Soft shifts; Low line rise; Erratic buzz; Premature clutch failure; Premature band failure; Uncontrolled pressure in Reverse; Low Reverse boost; Main Pressure Regulator Valve 76948-09. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. A pressure test will indicate if line pressure is too high or low, or if a clutch or servo is leaking and losing pressure. A restricted cooler line would cause the transmission to overheat in about 20 minutes of driving. Locate the desired port and screw the pressure fitting in where the plug was. Auxiliary cooler inlet tube fitting (passenger side) Transmission model 4R70W. Shift timing, shift feel (line pressure) and converter clutch control in the AODE transmission are all controlled electronically by the EEC-IV processor and its input/output network. I was adding 4 quarts per fill. This is how I currently have it mounted to the car. Flushing Notes: instructions say to pump from the cooler return line, on the Mustang this is the top line that comes from the cooler. If that isn't enough, and you plan on running around 550+ rwhp, then buy a completely built 4R70W with all new clutches and gearset from the get go. We are here to help and we stand behind all of our quality products. From left to right in the case are the shift accumulator (A), low-reverse band servo (B), and overdrive band servo (C). Delay lube at startup? On last fill 3 quarts is close to correct fill. DOES NOT replace 3-spool valves. Please note, this is NOT true for the AODE/4R70W. Order Ford F150 Transmission Cooler Line Assembly online today. Can it effect main line pressure? Transmission Line Pressure Specifications. Inlet From Radiator wo/Auxiliary Cooler. The 4R70W has one output sensor located on the driver’s side rear transmission case. Testing the line pressure of your transmission is a very easy, relatively inexpensive process that can prevent an expensive transmission replacement. Use Code: SAVE20NOW. This is often caused by a worn main regulator valve. Free Same Day Store Pickup. The speedometer housing supplied is also capable of using the original equipment speedo cable if needed. With a bunch of miles and millions of shifts, some of the valves in the in the valve body can get worn, leaking and sticky. Main Pressure Regulator Valve 76948-01. Transmission control is seperate from the engine control strategy in the EEC-IV processor, although some of the input signals are shared. gregaust. Trans temp sender location (4R70W) -----I have read over several threads on where to put the sender for the trans temp. I have also read to put it in the port on the side of the trans. The 4R70W utilizes the Engines Throttle Position sensor to more precisely and electronically control line pressure. 028907xhppwr_dlx_l2 12010c k086 dodge 46re 47re red eagle kolene powerpack transmission rebuild kit l2 + servos 94-97 Lots of aftermarket support for these trans. These readings can be obtained by attaching a 300 psi fluid pressue gauge to the appropriate pressure port on the transmission, and running the engine at 2000 rpm. Remove transmission cooler line from block mounted clip. Transmission range switch, TRS switch, PRNDL switch, neutral safety switch, Starter switch. In 1998, due to durability concerns, the intermediate one-way roller clutch was replaced with a mechanical diode providing extra holding capacity and longer service One thing I would do is hook up a line pressure gauge to get an idea whats going on. 4R70W Main Pressure Regulator Valve, 1996-Up 76948-09. 1999 Ford F-150 V8 281 4.6L; 4R70W Trans. This is the TransGo SK AODE Shift Kit for all 1991–2007 AODEs, 4R70Ws, and 4R75Ws. This unit uses an electronic speedometer. Jun 8, 2017 - 2000-01 ENGINES 4.6L V8 - VIN W & 6 ENGINE IDENTIFICATION Engine is FUEL PRESSURE RELEASE. 1999 Ford F-150 V6 256 4.2L; 4R70W Trans. Mount the cooler up front and run lines to the exsisting factory lines. … To top Hose / Line Maximum Pressure (psi) 100: Color / Finish: Natural/No Finish: Use Location: Transmission: Hose Attachment End 1: Male Threads: Hose Overall Length (in) 52: Hose Attachment End 2: … The pressure valves will cause excessive pressure at all seals if they get stuck. Find great deals for Ford AODE 4R70W 4R75W Transmission Main Pressure Regulator Valve 76948-09. “Line pressure” is transmission tech talk for hydraulic pressure made by the front pump, which is driven by the spinning torque converter, which is tied to the engine’s crank-shaft and flexplate. Worn pressure regulator valve spools allowing pressure escape are a common problem in these units. Install the fluid cooler … On the AOD transmission, fluid leaves the transmission through the upper case fitting, and returns from the cooler through the lower case fitting. 4R70W without auxiliary fluid cooler. Ford AODE 4R70W 4R75E 4R75W Transmission Line Pressure Booster Kit 4R70W-LB1 Part No. Fits '96-later units. Shop with confidence on eBay! We have been in the transmission industry for over 20 plus years. Which cooler line fitting on the AOD transmission is out and which line is in? gregaust. 4R70W with auxiliary fluid cooler. All are accessed by pulling the pan and valve body. Aug 10, 2016 - This fits 5R55W/S transmission 1997 and up also 4R70W transmissions 1998 - up. Vehicles with 4R70E, 4R70W, 4R75E, 4R75W and AODE transmissions often have erratic line pressure, poor line rise and/or throttle-sensitive buzz. Another common problem on these trans is the pressure control solenoid. The OE boost assembly only increases pressure in reverse. It seems the overall location has been in the trans cooler line going into the radiator. Perform a pressure test on an automatic transmission when it suffers from hard shifting or poor shift timing. 4R70W without auxiliary fluid cooler. I was considering eliminating it on the AODE/4R70W.