In Swiss folklore, St. Nicholas is known as Samichlaus (like Dutch Sinterklaas a corruption of the name of St. Nicholas). Poland and in Slovakia children find the candy and small gifts under the pillow, in their shoes or behind the window the evening of 5 December or the morning of 6 December. In France, statues and paintings often portray this event, showing the saint with children in a barrel. St. Nikolaus Day — still celebrated Dec. 6 every year — is a preliminary round of Christmas gifts and holiday cheer in Bavaria. In Suhuan, St. Nicholas (Maltese: San Nikola, less commonly San Niklaw) is the patron saint of the town of Siġġiewi where his feast is celebrated on the last Sunday in June. [15] Although not as widespread as in other countries, some people[citation needed] in the United States celebrate a separate St Nicholas Day by putting their shoes outside their bedroom doors or hanging an empty stocking by the fireplace on the evening of 5 December. Children still receive apples and nuts from St. Nicholas. Dec 17, 2013 - Did you Know…. On the evening of December 5th, children not only place a boot or shoes outside their bedroom doors, but they also have to clean them first, hoping that St. Nicholas … Some kids even left a bit of hay or straw for St. Nikolas’s Donkey) Children still wake to find, candies, gold coins, and even small treats on December 6th. Nikoljdan (Serbian Cyrillic: Никољдан; Bulgarian: Никулден, romanized: Nikulden; Russian: Никола Зимний, romanized: Nikola Zimniy; Ukrainian: Cвятий Миколай, romanized: Sviatyy Mykolay) is the patron saint day (Krsna Slava, or Krsno ime, a Serb tradition) of Saint Nicholas, celebrated on December 6 (Gregorian calendar, December 19 on Julian). "), indicating the importance of this saint in Albanian culture, especially among the Albanians of Malësia. 5 December is Krampus Night or Krampusnacht, in which the hairy devil appears on the streets. Knecht Ruprect is a more sinister figure, who carried a sack and a switch. This is the favorite holiday of all children – it’s a gift-giving day. //